"Bardaŭskaja Vosień" Festival 2022

This is already a cult event with a 27-year history. After a two-year break, it returns in a refreshed form in 2022. It is the only festival in the Podlaskie Province, and the largest and oldest in the world, presenting author's song and sung poetry in the Belarusian language.

This was the first edition of the festival organised by the Tutaka Foundation.


At the Secondary School with DNJB in Hajnówka, Kaciaryna Vadanasava gave a concert for students.

And in the Bielski House of Culture held concerts by: WZ Trio, Kupalaŭcy - "Ja havaru", a discussion around the figure of Mikhail Aniepadistava and the presentation of the Mikhail Aniepadistava prize for the best Belarusian book cover design.


The Białystok Puppet Theatre hosted the premiere of KUPAŁAŬCY - '37-22', directed by Andrei Saŭčanek, followed by the presentation of the book 'Unshot' by Sergei Budkin and a discussion around the 'Night of Executed Poets' and contemporary Belarusian prison poetry.


The Municipal Cultural Centre in Gródek hosted performances by Źmicier Vajciuškievič, Jan Karpowicz and an author meeting with Uladzimir Arloŭ.

On the same day, the festival concluded with a concert by Palina and Jaŭhien Baryšnikaŭ at Bialystok's Zmiana Klimatu club.

It was a beautiful celebration of Belarusian poetry!

  • Organised by: TUTAKA Foundation
  • Founder and long-term organiser: Centre for Education and Promotion of Belarusian Culture in Szczyty
  • Partners: Bielski House of Culture, Białystok Puppet Theatre, Gródek Municipal Cultural Centre, Infinity Group, PEN Belarus
  • Task co-financed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration
  • The public task is co-financed from the funds of the Podlaskie Province
  • Task co-financed from the funds of the City of Białystok
  • Festival co-financed by the Royal Netherlands Embassy in Warsaw
  • Media patronage: Polish Radio Białystok, TV Belsat, Radio Racyja, TVP3 Białystok, Radio Akadera, Gazeta Wyborcza, Gazeta Współczesna, Kurier Poranny

28.10.2023 The Bielski House of Culture

29.10.2023 The Białystok Puppet Theatre

30.10.2023 The Municipal Cultural Centre in Gródek

28.10.2023 Zmiana Klimatu Club

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