Chto ty hetki? / Who Are You? - season 1

Traditional Belarusian culture - our bond with the past, essential not to disappear in the future. We have created a series of 5 lectures where we try to introduce the national heritage of Belarusians from Belarus and Podlasie. What makes us stand out in this world. In the series "Who are you?", invited guests from Poland and Belarus talk about traditional Belarusian songs, rituals and crafts, as well as the traditional Belarusian towel and wooden architecture of Podlasie.

Each film is subtitled in Polish and Belarusian.

Who Are You? TRAILER

Belarusian Traditional Singing

Belarusian rituals

Podlasie ceremonial towel

Podlasie Wooden Architecture

Belarusian Traditional Crafts

  • The films are financed by a grant from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration of the Republic of Poland under the project: "Traditional Belarusian culture - lectures".
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