On 2 October 2020, an extraordinary concert of solidarity with Belarus took place in front of the Dramatic Theatre in Bialystok, with the participation of outstanding Polish and Belarusian musicians.

Our friends  from Belarus are still fighting for their freedom, for the opportunity to live in a democratic and free country. By organising this concert, we wanted to show our sisters and brothers that what they are doing is beautiful and right. Despite the often terrible events and human tragedies, we believe that their struggle will be successful. It is important for us to show them that here in Podlasie, in Białystok, we think about them, we remember our common history from the times of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, and we support them in their quest for freedom. We stand in solidarity with them. 







  • Organised by: TUTAKA Foundation
  • Honorary Patrons: Honorary Patronage of the President of the City of Białystok, Honorary Patronage of the Marshal of the Podlaskie Province.
  • Strategic Partners: City of Białystok, Marshal's Office of Podlaskie Province, Belarusian House Foundation in Warsaw.
  • Partners: Belarusian Students' Association, Belarus 2020 Foundation, Aleksander Węgierka Drama Theatre in Białystok, Białystok Puppet Theatre, ŻUBR Security Agency
  • Media Patrons: TVP Białystok, Radio Białystok, Belsat Television, Radio Racja, Gazeta Wyborcza, NEXTA
  • General Sponsor: Porcja Dobra
  • Sponsors: Lokalna Bistro, Cechowa, Hotel pod Herbem, Hotel Esperanto, Casablanca, Waszczukowe
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