"In 2010 or 2011, Kasia Kuzmich, then president of BAS, called and said: "if we ever start a new Belarusian organisation, I have a great name, Tutaka!". Yes, it was hard to disagree. I googled it and, hmm... a restaurant in Lida and some medical company in Germany. Ok, sounds good)) However, another 10 years passed. I called Kasia and said: "Kasia, I assume, can I use this idea?". - "Sure, take it. Good luck." Well, I still needed a logo. Again, a bit of luck and chance. February 2020, back from Minsk via Grodno, lunch and a walk. And a photo taken of the mural that caught my eye. 

Then google again and found the author of this "ornament". And his work "Country of Belarus". 


I wrote with the request that there is this foundation, that I wanted to use it as inspiration, creathe the logo... He agreed immediately. Thanks!"

Pawel Stana Stankiewicz

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