III Declamation competition for Mother Language Day.

Place: Białystok Puppet Theater, str. Kalinovsky 1

Date: February 20, 2024 at 5:00 p.m.

The final was also broadcast online on our channel.

26 participants made it to the finals of the Competition

Contest winners:

Category 5-8 years
1st place Stefan Lisichonak

2nd place Fedor Kretovich

3rd place Alexander Semenyuk

Category 9-12
1st place Kliment Latyshonak

2 place Oleg Khombak

3rd place Damian Bartashuk

Category 13-17
1st place Zofia Golubovskaya

2nd place Eva Kharevskaya

3rd place Mark Brytko

Category 18+
1st place Oksana Marko

2nd place: Giorgiy Brytko

3 place Olga Kazanovich

Artistic video
1st place Valera Ruselik

2nd place Yaryna Troitskaya

3rd place Polina Malashchenko

Stefan Lisichonak received the prize of audience sympathy

This year, the jury included:

✔ Mira Luksha - a long-time friend of the Contest, a journalist of the Belarusian Weekly in Poland "Niva", a poet and a translator;

✔ Nasta Kudasava - poet and literary critic, laureate of numerous literary prizes;

✔ Andrei Savchenko - actor, director, head of the local theater;

✔ Magdalena Taranta is a native of Hajnawka, once a participant in speech contests like ours, now an actress of the Wrocław Modern Theater.

⚪ Organizer: Fundacja Tutaka. Współorganizator: Centrum Kultury Białoruskiej

🔴 Task funded by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration

⚪ Dofinansowano przez Embassy of the Netherlands in Poland

🔴 Partners: Białostocki Teatr Lalek, Infinity Group, Krama Atmetnost, Language of the Free, Gutenberg Publisher, Yanushkevich Publishing House

⚪ Patroni Medialni: Belarusian Radio Racysia, Belsat TV, Radio Unet, Niva - the weekly of Belarusians in Poland, Budzma Belarusami

💰 You can support us here: https://tutaka.org/pl/#donate

All questions can be sent to konkurs@tutaka.org, through the Facebook profile, as well as Telegram, Messenger, Instagram of our foundation.

Let's celebrate Mother Language Day together!

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