In 2022, a national census took place in Poland. Once every 10 years, we take a census by filling in the appropriate tables with data concerning, among other things, place of residence, family, faith. We also have to fill in the section on nationality.

In connection with this, the Tutaka Foundation has prepared the campaign "Ja biełarus!" encouraging people to register in the census as a person of Belarusian nationality.

It is a series of short films, in which we see one person who introduces himself by name, says what he does for a living and in a few sentences explains his choice of Belarusian nationality in his life and in the census. It is important that, regardless of our Belarusian nationality, we are part of another community - the community of Polish citizens.  

Our action was aimed at promoting not only Belarusian autochthons, but became part of the nationwide trend of promoting ethnic minorities as groups that enrich our country culturally. 

We managed to invite many people of an extremely diverse social cross-section to participate in the action. The action was open and we invited anyone who wanted to encourage others in front of the camera to register as Belarusians in the census. 

The recordings feature various people, including those we know well, such as Leon Tarasewicz, Eugeniusz Czykwin and Igor Łukaszuk. Also appearing is Marharita Levčuk, a Belarusian opera singer, one of the faces of the revolution in Belarus. However, with a whole host of people who are well-known in our circles, we were most interested in presenting such people who do not usually feature in the media or in cultural events. We want to show Podlasie's Belarusians as they are - working in various professions and holding various views.

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