The TUTAKA Festival of the Awakened 2021

The 2021 TUTAKA Festival of the Awakened was a chance to honor and commemorate the anniversary of the outbreak of the Belarusian social revolution, during which the hands of the murderous regime repeatedly stained themselves with Belarusian blood. But on the other hand, it was also the anniversary of the formation of a great nation. At a time when many of us doubted such a possibility at all, 2020 turned out to be a nation-building event that has already become "unstoppable."

The TUTAKA festival is not just about music. In addition to the musicians of the Belarusian revolution, we showcase Belarusian culture and art in its entirety.

In agreement with the Belarusian Cultural Council, the Festival was the "grande finale/postscript" of the "Belarusian Cultural Week." The Festival of all free Belarusians was an expression of our solidarity with Brothers and Sisters who remain in Belarus and are still counting on our support and solidarity.

Žyvie Biełaruś! Žyvie viečna i niachaj žyvie volna!

  • Where: Boryk glade near Grodek (where Basowiszcza used to be)
  • When: 6-7 August 2021

Friday and Saturday featured concerts on the main stage: 








The musicians' performances were not the only highlight of the festival, however: 

- discussions with guests on various issues of the Belarusian world

- meeting with authors

- lecture on herbs from Podlasie

- Belarusian horoscope

- painting your own T-shirts, Belarusian paper cut-outs, paper dolls, dance workshops are activities for children.


  •  Organised by: TUTAKA Foundation
  •  Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda
  •  Honorary Committee: Sviatlana Cichanoŭska - Leader of the Free Belarusians, Ivonka Surviłła - Chairwoman of the BRL Council, Artur Kosicki - Marshall of the Podlaskie Province, Tadeusz Truskolaski - President of the City of Bialystok
  •  Strategic Partner: Marshal's Office of Podlaskie Province, City of Bialystok
  • Task co-financed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration
  •  Main Partners: Belarusian Cultural Council, Strana dla Žyźni Foundation, National Anti-Crisis Board, Belarusian Radio Racja, Belarusian Students' Association
  •  Partners: Belarus 2020 Foundation, Infinity Group, Centre for Education and Promotion of Belarusian Culture in Szczyty, Tradycyja, Belarusian Workers' Association, Belarusian House in Warsaw, Białystok Puppet Theatre, Art Siadziba, Gródek Municipality Office, Gródek Municipal Cultural Centre, Casablanca
  •  Media Patrons: Radio TOK FM, Polityka weekly, Gazeta Wyborcza, TV Belsat, Krytyka Polityczna, Polish Radio Białystok, Belarusian Radio Racja


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