What's squeaking in Belarusian culture? What are Belarusian activists thinking about? Are we creating art at a European level? What are young Belarusian musicians playing now? And is there still value in meeting in person? And - when to rest and how?

Did your eyes stop for a moment at any of these questions? And your head thought: exactly, what, when, how! If so, feel yourself invited to the largest meeting of Free Belarusians. There won't be as many of us as at the protests, but we certainly want to be inspired again by the hope that we felt back then.

Many of us no longer live in Belarus, many of us still live in Belarus. When was the last time we saw each other? Yes face to face, one in the other's embrace. Without zooms or instant messaging - although praise be to them, because one could go mad with longing ...

Here, at least once a year, we can all meet. Those scattered all over the world and those who have always cared for the Belarusian heritage in Podlasie. This is also the place where we invite all friends of free Belarus and lovers of Belarusian culture.

We want to gather in one place what independent Belarusian culture presents today, and also to relax a little and draw good energy from each other. So that we have enough strength for the whole next year... Until the next Festival!

The TUTAKA Festival of the Awakened invites you for the third time!

What's in store for us?

  • Diaspora meeting - you can come with a tent and use the forest and the nearby lake with a beach
  • Festival of music and theatre - 2 days of concerts of famous Belarusian musicians on a big live stage, performances for children and adults
  • Family recreation - workshops, lectures, games, entertainment for children and whole families
  • Sports camp - a unique opportunity to spend time actively and meet Belarusian sportsmen and sportswomen
  • Business conference - discussion on problems and opportunities for relocated Belarusian entrepreneurs and those who want to start business in Europe
  • Fair - Belarusian souvenirs and products from popular and well-known artists
  • Fair of Belarusian initiatives - an opportunity to present yourself and network
  • Plus - a space for those who want to present themselves, online - broadcasting to the whole world, meetings, connections, energy and community!

Uroczysko Boryk near Gródek, Podlaskie Voivodeship, Poland.

14 and 15 July 2023.

❗️LINE UP❗️ coming soon))

  • Organiser: Tutaka Foundation
  • Task co-financed by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration.
  • The project is made possible thanks to the financial support of the City of Bialystok and the Marshal's Office of the Podlaskie Voivodeship.

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