ZHRAJA Men's Choir

We organize regular workshops of traditional Belarusian singing for men. Our teacher is Iryna Maziuk, a master in this field. She has been working for years with the technique of traditional singing with special emphasis on male singing. Through our work we cultivate authentic Belarusian folklore, especially from Podlasie and Belarusian Polesie. The results of the workshop its participants present as part of the newly established ZHRAJA choir.

The task is financed by funds from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration of the Republic of Poland.

The project is carried out as part of the #ArtPowerBelarus program of the Belarusian Cultural Council and the Danish Cultural Institute with financial support from the European Union

The task is co-financed by The German Marshall Fund of the United States

Co-financed by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Warsaw

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